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Sometimes there are moments in life that turn out to be decisive afterwards. For me, this was the moment my daughter became seriously ill as a newborn baby.

That moment changed my vision on life.



It told us a lot about unconditional love, bought this part of our life brought me also something else. I looked different towards taking risks. For me it meant that I dared to start my own business.


In the four months we spend in hospital, I missed a beautiful and comfortable environment where it felt like home, for her but and also for myself. What I missed back then, we now design for you with our label Mies & Co.


Ester – founder & mama




Ps our daughter is doing great now



Mies & Co believes that it’s important that you can stay true to your stylish self when you become a mom.


We create lifestyle products with the philosophy that when moms feels comfortable, her baby will too.


Our items are sophisticated and elegant, yet sweet and with character.

collage mies & co


We developed a collection of textile lifestyle products, sophisticated, in high qualities and different prints. The whole range matches perfectly together, to make sure customers love to buy several items at the same time. Ready for welcoming their babies.


Of course, nobody is perfect so if you have a question, comment or complaint, always let us know so we can me our products even better. You can send an e-mail to